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How can I help?

The Bushlife Painted Wolf Conservancy is reliant on donations from the public. 


Any and all help that you, our generous supporters, are able to give us is greatly appreciated. 


If you would like to offer a donation, please follow this link to Bushlife Conservancy, a US 501(c)3 non-profit, which funds our efforts. 


Donations made to Bushlife Conservancy via the Painted Wolf Conservancy will be allocated to anti-poaching efforts specifically targeting the protection of the African Wild Dogs.

leigh hunt.png

The Bushlife Painted Wolf Conservancy is fortunate enough to receive support from artist Leigh Hunt.


20% of all the proceeds from the sale of his bronze sculptures is donated to Nick Murray's anti-poaching efforts in the Lower Zambezi Valley. 


His 'Vundu Dogs' Sculpture is a bronze casting of the heads of 3 wild dogs from the Vundu Pack in Mana Pools National Park.  The dogs are mounted on a plinth of Douglas Fir (at least 100 years old), salvaged from the sea, the texture of which compliments the bronze.


Vundu Dogs is a limited edition piece, where only 10 have been sculpted and 9 remain for sale. 


Raising Awareness

It's crucial that African Wild Dogs get the attention they deserve before it's too late. Largely misunderstood, these dogs fall victim to snares, poisoning and habitat decimation. 


By helping the Painted Wolf Conservancy raise awareness for the plight of these rare animals face, you take a step in ensuring their future for generations to come. 



credits to Gerry Batch, 2016

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