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Tait's Dynasty - Her Family Tree

Tait, one painted wolves from the BBC Earth's Dynasties Painted Wolf episode is said to be one of the most successful painted wolves ever. Nick Murray, from Bushlife Safaris, has known Tait since birth, and indeed, knows and has named all of her pups. Her bloodline is exceptionally strong, as the statistics below show. The average age of a painted wolf is 6 years of age so for these alpha females above to live to 9-10 , nearly 11 years of age and produce so many puppies is an amazing recored. Each pack has also had 2 alpha males, but to keep the family tree simple, we have only looked at the Alpha females.

Broken Leg

Original alpha female 2004-2006, Broken leg Pack



Broken Leg's daughter, Tait, was born in 2005 became alpha of Vundu pack in 2007.

Tait had a litter every year from 2007 to 2015 with an average of nearly 8.7 pups a year. Tait died in late 2015 when she was 10,5 years old . Tait the painted wolf was named after Nick and Desiree's daughter Tait who was born in 2007 , so it took a few years to name the painted wolf “Tait.”



Tait's daughter born in 2008. Janet was alpha female of 2 packs - the Long Pool pack from 2010-2012, and the Chikwenya Pack 2013-2016. She had a litter every year for 8 consecutive Years, with on average

7 pups a year.



Tait's daughter born in 2009, and she is still the alpha female of the Nyakasanga pack. She had a litter every year for the last 7 years, with an average of 7 pups per litter.



Tait's daughter, born 2014.

Tammy has had 3 litters, with

7 pups per year. Tammy has been the

Alpha female of Nyamutsi pack from 2016 to present.



Blacktip's daughter born 2014.

She was the alpha female of Rukomechi pack 2017 and 2018. Her first litter was in 2018, with 7 pups.

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